Burglary & Housebreaking Insurance

This insurance is intended to cover contents of premises against loss or damage by burglary and/or by housebreaking. Here the burglary and housebreaking are defined as theft involving entry to or exit from the insured premises by forcible and violent means. It is a general condition of this policy that a watchman or a security guard is available in the premises on a 24 hour basis.

सेधमारी तथा नकबजनी बीमा

बलजफ्ती तोडफोड गरी चोरी, डकैतीबाट सुरक्षित स्थानमा रहेको सामान हराउँदा हुने क्षति विरुद्धमा यो बीमा गरिन्छ। तर यस किसिमको बिमाको लागि पालेको व्यवस्था हुन जरूरी छ।